Gemayel: Lebanon Cannot Be Built Through Isolation and Unilateralism

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Gemayel: Lebanon Cannot Be Built Through Isolation and Unilateralism

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday described his meeting with Shiite Scholar Sayyed Ali Fadlallah as excellent, hoping that it would help break the barriers between the Lebanese so that each one would understand his compatriot better.

In remarks published in Al-Joumhouria newspaper, Gemayel stressed the need to steer clear of political bickering and spite, and to focus instead on serving the country's best interest.

“I am keen on making sure that our political stances do not be regarded as an attack against one group or sect, especially that we hold firm to the country’s unity and coexistence. We know that Lebanon cannot be built through isolation and unilateralism, but through partnership and openness,” Gemayel stated.

"What I care to emphasize is that what drives us to give our opinion regarding this or that issue is our struggle to build a state of law, not to attack one group."

The Kataeb leader said that he had told Fadlallah about his readiness to engage in talks with political groups and officials who have have different viewpoints than the Kataeb party, adding that such a dialogue would promote interaction and bridge gaps between the Lebanese.

Gemayel stressed the need to address the controversial issue of Hezbollah's arms away from traitorous accusations, saying that those defending the party's arsenal and those objecting to it must not alienate each other.

“Regardless of our political differences which might sometimes be deep, all the Lebanese should hold fast to the policy of openness," Gemayel concluded.