Kataeb Party Says All the Lebanese Are Paying the Price for the Ruling Authority's Performance

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Kataeb Party Says All the Lebanese Are Paying the Price for the Ruling Authority's Performance

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday blasted the futile bickering between members of the ruling authority, warning that the dangerous sectarian turn that it has taken is leading to unprecedented tensions.

"The Kataeb party considers that the ruling authority's performance proves that the political settlement was only based on partitioning and clientelism," read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politburo.

"The Lebanese, living in Lebanon and abroad, are paying the price for the irresponsible statements made by some members of the ruling authority, noting that their stances do not represent those of the Lebanese State or the people."

The party described the 2019 draft budget approved by the government as "disappointing", adding that it is flawed by erroneous figures and violates the Constitution amid the absence of an audit of previous years' accounts.

The politburo said that the draft budget shows that the government favors the frivolous mentality over a reformist economic vision, criticizing it for seeking to boost revenues by directly affecting the poor and the underprivileged segment of the society instead of ending squandering and uprooting corruption.

"The Kataeb party warns of the dangers that this budget would inflict on needy people, notably the social care institutions, thus ushering in an imminent threat for children, elderly people and those with special needs," the party said, pledging to stand against the reduction of the budget allocated to social care organizations during the budget talks at the Parliament.

The politburo condemned the terrorist attack that jolted Tripoli last week, stressing the need to boost the security forces' capabilities so that it would continue to fulfill its duties, and to steer the Army clear of sectarian and sceptical disputes.

The party renewed its call for addressing the Syrian refugee crisis away from political outbidding, demanding that the Lebanese authorities would swiftly work on returning the Syrians back to their country in collaboration with the relevant international sides.

The politburo congratulated the winners of the elections of the Order of Physicians, including the party's candidate Dr. Bernard Gerbaka, pledging that the Kataeb would always separate the syndical work from politics and seek what is best for the profession.

Source: Kataeb.org