Dagher: Parliament Budget Talks Are a Mere Farce

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Dagher: Parliament Budget Talks Are a Mere Farce

Kataeb polibtburo member Serge Dagher described the ongoing budget talks that are taking place in the Parliament as a "farce", deeming it as illogical that the same political forces which approved the budget in the government are now claiming to be scrutinizing the financial blueprint figures simply to use them for political outbidding.

"Unfortunately, we are dealing with a group of people who are fooling people, not representing them in the Parliament," he told El-Nashra website.

Dagher expected the state budget to be passed once again without finalizing the audit of previous years' accounts as stipulated by the Constitution, criticizing the complete silence over this issue.

"The most absurd thing is that they are approving the 2019 budget in the seventh month of the year, noting that it should have been passed at the beginning of the year so that officials would act based on it," Dagher pointed out.

"How will they be able to reduce the deficit by 7.5% through a budget that applies only for half a year?" he asked.

Source: Kataeb.org