Gemayel Says Coexistence Is a Red Line That Transcends Political Wrangling

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday stressed unwavering commitment to coexistence as the basis on which Lebanon has been built, deeming it as a red line whose importance transcends political disputes and petty interests.

"It's unacceptable to disrupt coexistence in the Chouf area as part of political outbidding," Gemayel said during the opening of the Kataeb's office in Al-Rmayleh.

"We won't allow anyone to distort reconciliation in Chouf," he affirmed, saluting both former President Amine Gemayel and Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat as the two "pillars" of the Mountain concord.

"We are not afraid of coexistence or of reaching out to others for the sake of Lebanon. We are not afraid of speaking the truth at any moment of our history, noting that we thousands of our comrades sacrificed their lives to defend our history," Gemayel stated.

"We have to look into each other's eyes with trust, not caution. Our martyr comrades died so that we would live a life of freedom and mutual respect, and to have a sovereign, free and independent country."

Gemayel lashed out at those who use sectarian slogans and opt for outbidding to justify their wrongdoings and failures, saying that by doing so they are attempting to cover up their mismanagement, foreign allegiance, violation of Lebanon's sovereignty and encroachment on the state of law.

“Do not use the rights of sects and communities to cover up your failure,” he said.

“Enough with all the outbidding! You ought to build a country where Christians and Muslims are equally safeguarded, to respect the Constitution and the laws, and to ensure a better future for the youth,” he urged.

“Enough sowing discord between the Lebanese!"

“Throughout our history, we paid heavy prices for some people's lust for power. It's time for that to stop!” Gemayel criticized, noting that it is time to stop seeking power to the detriment of the Lebanese and one's values.

“We are convinced that we can build a country once the citizens stop following political leaders blindly,” Gemayel affirmed, urging the Lebanese youth to be free in making their decisions and not to hesitate anyone who doesn't honor his pledges to account.

The Kataeb leader hailed the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend their existence in Chouf, pledging to carry on their struggle for the country they dreamed of living in.

“We won’t allow power to tempt us or empty rhetoric to bring us away from our convictions,” Gemayel assured. “My presence here in Rmaileh gives me hope in a better future where coexistence, openness and order shall prevail."