Gemayel Accuses Ruling Authority of Turning Country into Jungle

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Gemayel Accuses Ruling Authority of Turning Country into Jungle

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel blamed the ruling authority for the current situation in Lebanon, blasting it for turning the country into a jungle where bickering over shares prevails.

"Gebran Bassil isn't the only one responsible for the situation that we have reached today. You are all responsible for the mentality of settlements that is prevailing, as well as for the relinquishment of the state-building principles for the sake of a ministerial portfolio here and a general-director post there," Gemayel said in an address to the political forces that are part of the ruling authority.

During a ceremony organized by the Kataeb's office in Jbeil to celebrate Father's Day, Gemayel criticized the ruling authority for violating the laws and the Constitution, stressing that it's time for the Lebanese to rebuff all deception attempts and platitudes.

"It's about time that people accord again importance to state building based on principles and constants."

"People are asked not to get carried away by slogans. They must look at the reality they are living and enforce accountability in ballot boxes. Without your votes, they [officials] are worthless."

"What we need are officials who love this country; honorable, honest and competent ones are all that we're seeking to have," Gemayel said.