Kataeb Party Warns of Naturalization Schemes Targeting Lebanon

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Kataeb Party Warns of Naturalization Schemes Targeting Lebanon

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Monday warned of the repercussions of the Middle East peace plan put forth by the U.S., cautioning against attempts to settle Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

"The party warns of returning to the same naturalization refrain that thousands of Kataeb martyrs sacrificed their lives to resist and prevent it decades ago," read a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politburo.

"The party promises the Lebanese to keep on fighting naturalization using all the legitimate means of resistance."

The politburo blasted the ruling authority's performance as "scandalous", condemning the shameless handling of key administrative appointments with a mentality of partitioning, exclusion, clientelism and sectarianism.

The party, therefore, called on the government to abide by the norms that would ensure good governance, demanding that appointments would be mainly based on competence.

The statement deplored the political authority's recklessness towards the deteriorating economic situation in the country, also criticizing it for distracting people with delusive achievements included in an unrealistic state budget.

"The Kataeb party demands the ruling authority to speak frankly to the Lebanese about the true economic and social situation in the country, and to finalize the audit of the previous year's financial accounts in accordance with the law and the concept of transparency."

The party also blamed the authority for the ongoing bottleneck crippling the Lebanese University, stressing that both the students and professors are victims of failed and random policies.

The politburo voiced support to the LU professors' rights, while outlining the need to take into consideration the students' interest now that their academic year is in jeopardy.

The party condemned the ceremony that was held in tribute to Nabil Al-Alam, who masterminded the 1982 assassination of Martyr President Bachir Gemayel, considering it as a provocative act that offends a large segment of the Lebanese.

The politburo questioned the ceremony's "dubious" timing and goals, calling on the Interior Ministry and the competent judicial authorities to take action against the organizers.

Source: Kataeb.org