Hankache Condemns Beirut’s Incinerator Project As an Environmental Crime

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Hankache Condemns Beirut’s Incinerator Project As an Environmental Crime

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Thursday stressed that the opposition force will reject and stand against the proposed waste-to-energy plants and landfill in Beirut as Beirut’s Municipal Council is getting ready today to vote on the Requirements Definitions Document for the project.

“The Kataeb party resigned from the government since 2015 due to the solid waste file and 4 years later we are still arguing about the dangers of landfills and incinerators,” Hankache criticized in an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“They usually present the people with the worst two options by forcing them to choose between what is bad and worse; but, incinerators are an environmental and a health crime,” he slammed.

“The opposition force will stand up to those who try to encroach on the people,” he asserted.

“Officials are tackling this matter under the pretext that they are helpless in an attempt to outsmart people. Let us go towards sustainable solutions by conducting waste sorting at source,” he urged.

Hankache warned that the residents will be surrounded by the incinerator’s emanating toxic fumes, noting that it is not normal for it to be built in such a populated area such as the Karantina.

“We will take it to the streets today at 17:00 with the people of Beirut, Metn and the parties to pressure the Municipal Council to take back its proposal,” Hankache declared.

“In every battle, we either win or lose,” he noted.

Source: Kataeb.org