Sayegh Warns of Permeating Sedition

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Sayegh Warns of Permeating Sedition

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Tuesday called for rationalizing the political work and for pacifying the tensions that broke out as a result of the Aley incident.

“The Kataeb party goes beyond abrupt opposition because the people already know what is going on and everything is exposed to the public, in addition, the collapse is happening,” Sayegh told Risala radio station.

Sayegh warned of permeating sedition and ruling authority’s contradictions which will ensue in deactivating itself.

“The covenant is being hit from within. The person who is working most against the covenant and is damaging it and the President’s reputation is the Minister representing it,” he condemned referring to Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.

“They have been holding the Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conferences for years and have failed to make a change, instead they drowned the country with them,” Sayegh deplored.

As for ties Between the Kataeb and the Progressive Socialist Party, Sayegh assured that it is an existential and constitutional relation.

“The Progressive Socialist Party also criticizes the state performance and we have interpreted this joint agreement through the challenge presented to the Constitutional Council which we have won,” he stated.

The Kataeb official stressed that no one can impose the naturalization decree in Lebanon deeming it as an attempt to incite wrangling in the country.

He emphasized that the Syrian refugees must not remain randomly located in Lebanon as their presence has weighed down heavily on the Lebanese economy and the social situation.

“As Lebanese, we must protect our country with the law, not through discrimination. The Syrian refugees bear no fault in their displacement; it was our responsibility to organize their presence,” Sayegh explained.