Gemayel Blasts Officials' Irresponsibility, Warns It Is Jeopardizing Freedoms in Lebanon

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Gemayel Blasts Officials' Irresponsibility, Warns It Is Jeopardizing Freedoms in Lebanon

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Friday considered that the Lebanese crisis is a result of State officials’ irresponsibility, noting that the economic situation is in complete decline and it requires consecutive government closed sessions to work out a solution to dodge this disaster.

“The Cabinet hasn’t been meeting for 4 weeks and that demonstrates a lack of responsibility by the State’s officials in the face of the looming dangers in all aspects be it social, monetary or economic,” Gemayel said during an interview with Al-Hurra TV channel as he addressed the Cabinet’s deadlock caused by the Qabr Shamoun fallout.

“Everyone should know that after 7 years of hosting Syrian refugees on its land and with all the repercussions entailed on the infrastructure, economic and living conditions, Lebanon can no longer tolerate this number of refugees,” Gemayel explained.

“It is normal that the Lebanese demand that this problem be solved in any means possible because the Syrian refugees make up around one quarter of the Lebanese population reaching 1.5 million,” Gemayel called for the international community to hold responsibility by the Lebanese people’s side.

“Our only crime is that we share borders with Syria. We have provided them with different types of services and we have welcomed them but with the passing of time, tensions started arising and that is neither the Lebanese nor the Syrians’ fault,” Gemayel pointed out.

“The United Nations must take this tragic situation into consideration and to help Lebanon endure this burden,” Gemayel requested, mentioning that Lebanon has been listed third among the most populated countries in the world.

The Kataeb leader vilified the presence of Hezbollah as it is at odds with the law, the Lebanese Constitution and the International Regulations, renewing his call to conditioning Hezbollah’s arms under the Lebanese army’s control to end this deviant state within the state.

“This militia is taking over the political decision-making power in the country aside its allies in the government and the presidency,” Gemayel warned.

He indicated that the Kataeb party wants to expose this complicity raging among all government factions, which aims at relinquishing the political decision-making power in Lebanon.

“Tensions wouldn’t exist had there wasn’t a militia that drags institutions and the Lebanese into a conflict that they have nothing to do with,” Gemayel condemned, renouncing this haul whose consequences the country cannot handle.

“Our opposition stands in the face of all the system that chose to relinquish the country to Hezbollah and positioned its state institutions as a shield to its regional conflicts,” Gemayel lambasted.

Gemayel cautioned this is might be the last legislative session before Lebanon reaches a critical stage.

“Let the government officials take this as a warning sign. It is not right that fundamental and substantial reforms be missing from the budget; that displays a lack of awareness of the gravity of the situation,” he added.

He deplored the negligence in taking radical measures, expressing fears over Lebanon’s incapacity to endure monetary collapse until the Parliament convenes again.

“We believe in the necessary presence of a strong opposition in Lebanon as we are its backbone,” he emphasized, urging the Lebanese to consolidate their position with the Kataeb to establish a counter front so as to reach corrective reforms.

“We believe that saving the country occurs with structural change that is set in motion when the people hold the political power into account by electing people with a vision,” he elaborated.

The Kataeb leader condemned attempts to dash the freedom of expression in Lebanon in reference to the attempt of banning the Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila from performing in Jbeil.

“We believe in respecting religions and beliefs and at the same time to preserve our sacred freedoms which Lebanon cannot exist without,” he concluded.