Kataeb Official Slams Authority's Irresponsibility

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Kataeb Official Slams Authority's Irresponsibility

A Kataeb official stressed that the state officials’ prolonging squabbling and conflicts are evidence to their irresponsibility.

“The Cabinet stalemate for over one month is proof to the officials’ apathy to the Lebanese people’s living conditions and that saving and protecting Lebanon from regional conflicts does not fall under their priorities,” a Kataeb source conveyed to Al-Joumhouria newspaper.

“The situation must either be solved, since restoring the political settlement is out of the question, or to take drastic measures that are directed at the government’s resignation,” the official added.

The source also emphasized that the solution lies in resorting to early Parliamentary elections that would allow the Lebanese people to hold the State officials accountable for their failure, fraudulent performance and lies during the previous Parliamentary elections.

Source: Kataeb.org