Sayegh: The Lebanese Are Subject to the Settlement's Venom

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Sayegh: The Lebanese Are Subject to the Settlement's Venom

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Wednesday deemed the settlement as clinically dead, awaiting the declaration of death while the Lebanese are the ones to face its fallout and its repercussions.

In an interview on NBN channel, Sayegh , he accused the Free Patriotic Movement leader Gebran Bassil’s tours in Lebanon of igniting tensions in the Mountain, noting that the Qabr Shmoun incident was premeditated.

“The performance of the political settlement’s representatives is breaking it further down. No one is 100% counted towards the settlement as every one of them has his own foreign protocol,” Sayegh pointed out.

“This settlement is trying to poison the people and we must confront that with all the means possible,” Sayegh noted.

“They claim to be fighting corruption when in fact they are taking advantage of the State’s capacities,” he said, questioning “Which party leader is allowed to consolidate between his position as the President’s son-in-law and his political responsibilities?”

“Hezbollah is controlling FM Gebran Bassil and is the one managing major strategic decisions in Lebanon. This is a reality, not an accusation,” he blasted.

“Hezbollah is more than a mere political party. Just one word from it can solve the Qabr Shmoun incident.”

The Kataeb official affirmed that the party stayed out of the government so as not to lose its constants.

“They started to take into account our opposition. Let them start enhancing their performance”

“We must get used to have an opposition in Lebanon and a different opinion capable of influencing the game, but unfortunately, the majority of the government officials are obliged to adopt certain decisions even if they disagree with it,” he added.

Sayegh called on the Prime Minister to exert his power and to shoulder his responsibilities because based on the Constitution, he embodies the executive authority.

“He was entrusted by the majority of the lawmakers, including the opposition force, so he must acknowledge that the settlement no longer applies and that he is the primary powerful leader with no substitute,” Sayegh regarded.

“Our main goal is to protect the Christian-Druze Reconciliation.”

He warned that the Christians of the Chouf-Aley area will be the ones paying the price for the Druze division in the Mountain and that leaves an impact on co-existence and civil peace in Lebanon.

He urged to hold back from using sectarian rhetoric as it would not serve the country’s best interest.

“The main problem lies in putting their personal interests ahead of that of the country,” he stated.

He highlighted the need to take on drastic measures, to stop putting off solutions and to hold early Parliamentary elections.