U.S. Embassy in Lebanon Issues Updated Visa Fees

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Below is the statement of the Embassy of the United States of America in Beirut regarding the updated non-immigrant visa fees.

The U.S. Government continuously re-evaluates reciprocity schedules worldwide to ensure that U.S. visa issuance fees are commensurate with fees imposed by other governments on U.S. citizens. U.S. Embassy Beirut engaged with Lebanese authorities regarding fee reciprocity for nearly two years, asking the Government of Lebanon to adjust the visa and residency fees it charges American citizens to be commensurate with the fees the U.S. government charges Lebanese citizens. Lebanon’s visa and residency fees, however, have remain unchanged. Accordingly, in keeping with our global policy of visa fee reciprocity, the U.S. is changing non-immigrant visa fees for Lebanese citizens.

Effective August 7, 2019, U.S. visa reciprocity fees for Lebanon are revised for the non-immigrant visa categories listed below. The revised fees are commensurate with those the Government of Lebanon charges U.S. citizens. The new reciprocity fees must be paid at the Embassy on the day of the visa interview, if the visa is approved. The Embassy accepts cash payments in U.S. dollars or Lebanese pounds or banker checks (in Lebanese pounds only) made out to “Citibank NA Lebanon – U.S. Disbursing Officer.” These fees are in addition to the standard $160 visa application fee paid by applicants globally.

Primary visa applicants and their dependents must each pay the reciprocity fee.

Source: US Embassy in Beirut