Kataeb Party Warns of Economic Collapse

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Kataeb Party Warns of Economic Collapse

The Kataeb party on Tuesday condemned the Israeli attack on Lebanon’s sovereignty, renewing its warning of escalation and the need for neutrality.

In a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politburo, the party questioned the government’s inertia in the face of dangerous matters that would lead to security and military instability.

“We hold those in power responsible for killing the Lebanese people slowly from rampant diseases and viruses as a result of their carelessness in waste treatment, the ongoing use of landfills, dumping garbage on beaches in populated areas without sorting or treating it and away from any study of its environmental impact,” the statement said.

The party also blamed those in power for the downgrade in Lebanon’s credit ratings to CCC from B-, which strikes an additional blow to the Lebanese economy.

Source: Kataeb.org