Gemayel: We Will Voice People’s Concerns at Baabda Economic Dialogue Table

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Ahead of Monday’s economic dialogue table at the Baabda Palace, Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel held talks on Friday with a number of labor union bodies and syndicates focusing on the matters to be addressed next week.

“Syndicates, traders, industrial and agricultural experts along with the Economic and Social Council are excluded from Monday’s meeting while the Lebanese banks will be represented,” Gemayel criticized following his consultative meeting at the party's headquarters in Saifi, stressing that “either everyone should be present or no one.”

“The social aspect must be taken into consideration as it is fundamental in any economic discussion; therefore, it is necessary to listen to the trade union movement’s concerns,” Gemayel added.

“Media news had indicated that a number of steps will be proposed on Monday’s meeting but we hope that the government will provide us early on with the work agenda so that we can analyze the economic steps with experts and the trade union and be ready to present a scientific and objective approach,” he pointed out.

“The party props up any step to save the country,” he asserted.

“We will voice people’s concerns and we will be optimistic and objective in our approach, because what matters to us is to salvage the country,” he indicated.

“We will not address media leaks because it should not be our information source,” Gemayel said, pointing out that attendees should be informed of the agenda by the government and not from the press.

“We will participate in the economic dialogue table to represent the people’s voice and testify for them wherever we are,” he highlighted.

Gemayel vows to convey the atmosphere with complete transparency, reject everything that compromises people's interest and support every measure that has the people and the Lebanese economy’s interests in mind.

The Kataeb leader denoted that the solution to face the problems of mismanagement lies in resolving the kinks present in the government, squandering, corruption, border control, tax and custom evasion and sovereignty, instead of resorting to tax hikes and turning to the citizen’s pockets.

“The collected money from the people will be placed in a pierced basket that harms them and is detrimental to the public finances,” he declared.

“Before resorting to measures that would affect the people, this basket must be sealed,” Gemayel advised.

“Several practical procedures were previously proposed and we plan to re-submit them,” he stated.