Gemayel: They Didn't Feel the Heat of the Situation Yet

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Gemayel: They Didn't Feel the Heat of the Situation Yet

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday blasted the ruling authority’s mismanagement of the rampant economic-financial crisis as it sticks to the cycle of inertia and passes up structural reforms.

“It seems like no one yet felt the heat of the situation despite all social unrest,” Gemayel told Al-Joumhouria newspaper, noting that officials haven’t done a fundamental change in action.

He warned officials not to count on ongoing deferential and restricted street protests and not to assume that public protests would serve political agendas, instead of perceiving it as a wakeup call.

“At a certain point, the unexpected might occur, if the economic-financial impasse was not rectified before it’s too late,” he cautioned.

“People’s anger is like a dormant volcano and it may burst out at any minute.”

“We don’t know when the streets might be filled with disgruntled citizens protesting the flaccid status quo that is weighing them down. I believe that we will get there sooner or later if this situation exacerbates,” Gemayel notified.

The Kataeb chief urged politicians to pull off a rescue plan and to maximize their efforts before it’s too late, or else Lebanon’s fate will be grim.

“Everything rests on whether the state is willing to introduce real reforms or not”

“The state does not yet look ready to sincerely venture into this challenge and it does not give the impression that it has true intentions to own up to its responsibilities by applying rescue plans,” he emphasized.

“That is the reason behind our appeal for it to resign and to give way to another government that is capable of taking difficult measures without being influenced by tapered agendas and personal interests,” he blasted.

Gemayel stressed that he is keen on safeguarding ties with all factions and political figures, even with those possessing different political viewpoints in the country.

“Mutual respect should be maintained, putting our differences aside,” he mentioned.

Gemayel indicated joint stances despite several differences with MP Faysal Karami as the two figures met on Monday to discuss bilateral ties and the current situation in Lebanon, pointing out their disappointment with the ruling authority’s performance.

“We are devoted and capable to engage with forces with other viewpoints in order to reinforce points of common grounds,” he asserted.

“The Kataeb and Karami had already signed on more than one challenge submitted to the Constitutional Council contesting certain laws, which demonstrates an accord on a number of national matters,” he confirmed.