Gemayel Renews Call for Formation of Technocratic Government, Early Parliamentary Elections

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Gemayel Renews Call for Formation of Technocratic Government, Early Parliamentary Elections

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Friday hailed the Lebanese people’s efforts to overthrow the government  amid deepening anger with politicians who have jointly led Lebanon into crisis.

“We told you that the Lebanese people are enraged and we called on you to willingly resign instead of being expelled; you insisted on getting thrown out,” Gemayel said during a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

Gemayel hailed the Lebanese people’s protest, every distressed parent on the streets today, every youth who got fired from their jobs and cannot find another resorting to immigration, and every starved person because hunger doesn’t differentiate between Christian, Muslim, partisan, independent, woman and man.

“Salute to every citizen rising up today against officials in order to save his dignity. They asked him not to speak up, to shut up or they communicated in a sectarian rhetoric about a distinct Christian and Muslim wildfire,” he denounced.

The Kataeb chief called on all the Lebanese, including Kataeb affiliates and supporters to carry on with their marches which started yesterday.

“We will not let them stop this revolt. We will stay united under the Lebanese flag whether on the roads, in our cities, villages, streets, and capital until our goals are met,” he asserted.

“The demand is clear which is the immediate resignation of the government of settlements and partitioning and the formation of a government of specialists entrusted with two tasks: to rescue the economic situation and the living conditions by focusing on the country’s interests above all else and the second task is to arrange for early Parliamentary elections,” he indicated.

“Today’s protests are a sign that the Lebanese no longer trust the current ruling class”

“Woe to those who deprecated the Lebanese people because only the people can turn the table,” he concluded.