Gemayel Urged People to Uphold Civility and Nonviolence in Protests

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Gemayel Urged People to Uphold Civility and Nonviolence in Protests

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday noted that public’s protests proved that citizens are aware of the government’s irresponsibility, immorality and incompetence in managing people and the country’s affairs for years.

“Today, we take hope that the people are alive, voicing a cry out of objection as we are witnessing in Tripoli, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon, the North and all Lebanese areas,” Gemayel told LBCI channel.

“Today, I call on the people and the Kataeb partisans to take their opinions to the street peacefully without violating the law or blocking the roads,” he stated, hoping that officials acknowledge that people are enforcing accountability.

“We can prove an ability to overthrow governments and change a country with order and civility,” he added.

“We are one people with a common interest. We should walk hand in hand in order to provide a better future for our children,” he concluded.

“A politburo emergency meeting will be held tomorrow to decide on the next moves,” he told MTV channel.

“It is time to recognize the repercussions of the trading logic of the country’s affairs management, as well as the opposition and alliance logic in a single government,” he mentioned.

The Kataeb keader renewed his call for the government’s resignation which proved its incapacity to restore the people and the international community’s trust.

He reiterated the formation of a government of specialists to pull the country out of this crisis.

“Lebanon should be ruled by those capable of coercing neutrality and working for the people and the country’s interests,” he stressed.

“It is time for a shift. This ominous political settlement confirms its failure to save the country,” he criticized.