Hankache Announces Kataeb's Participation in Protests

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Hankache Announces Kataeb's Participation in Protests

Amid growing protests across Lebanon, Kataeb MP Elias Hankache affirmed that it was about time the people resorted to street protests, stressing that the presidential settlement has failed.

In an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station, Hankache confirmed the party’s willingness to participate in the demonstrations since their submitted opposition force’s demands are one with those of the people’s.

“I participated in the Metn protests yesterday with respect to the party’s decision,” he announced.

“Today’s protests are a cry out of people’s pains and their response to their living situation. We were promised prosperity and reforms, knowing fully well that it takes time to be achieved, but we did not witness any positive initiative or even hope for improvement”

“The government is a bundle of contradictions with no harmony among its members. They are still tossing blame on one another in all files; if any of them bore responsibility, he would’ve resigned over all his failures.”

“You are unfit to govern this country so it’s best you resign”

The Kataeb lawmaker affirmed that the people’s demands must be met, calling on the Kataeb partisans to join the people in the ongoing protests and for early Parliamentary elections that would produce people’s chosen representatives.

Source: Kataeb.org