Hankache: Ruling Authority Went Back to Settlements and Partitioning Logic

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Hankache: Ruling Authority Went Back to Settlements and Partitioning Logic

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Wednesday confirmed that protests won’t be smothered and there’s no turning back to the same old logic.

“There’s no turning back because people have risen against hunger and corruption. The ruling power has to account for its actions in front of the Lebanese people,” Hankache told LBCI channel.

“Today, people are confronting this indolent state. Every passing minute without holding Parliamentary consultations to assign a new Prime Minister, the economy is in jeopardy,” he criticized, adding that “we are aware that we are heading towards a collapse.”

Hankache slammed the delay in binding parliamentary consultations and the state’s disregard of people’s best interest.

“The party’s stances are in accord with our struggle and people’s convictions,” he affirmed, indicating that the people are calling for a technocratic government.

“The country encompasses competent individuals. Technocratic ministers would not cover up politicians’ violations, hence, people’s demand for an independent government,” Hankache announced.

“People withdrew their trust from the government, thus early parliamentary elections must be opt for,” he stressed.

“They went back to settlements, partitioning and bilateral deals. The constitution is not a point of view,” Hankache assured that constitutional mechanisms should be respected.

“Lebanon is going through the worst economic crisis perceived in lay-offs in private companies”

“The judiciary is our only resort. The Kataeb has submitted three appeals already to the Constitutional Council but we are dealing with a state that subverts and bypasses laws,” he blasted.

“We are dealing with an organized mafia that is working to turn the public opinion and attempt to thwart protests. Several people were slipped inside the rallies to instigate chaos over roadblocks,” he stated.

Hankache reassured that the party supported and stood with the people never attempting to invest it.

“The success behind this protest lies in comprising all society’s segments and strata and its apolitical mechanism,” he said.

The lawmaker hailed protesters’ endeavor and zeal, noting that students’ movement holds out hope.

“School students are suffering from the same problems of university scholars. We have tried to shed light on their file but witnessed how teachers were prompted to brazen out schools,” he pointed out.

Source: Kataeb.org