Sayegh: Lebanon’s Government Crisis Transposed to Crisis of Governance

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Sayegh: Lebanon’s Government Crisis Transposed to Crisis of Governance

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Wednesday warned that the situation has shifted from a government crisis to that of governance, rebuking the President’s statement that a government of specialists is incapable of carrying out political duties.

“It is not the President’s responsibility to propose an operational plan but rather approach the nation’s morale; however, people sensed that he was ridiculing them to gain some time,” Sayegh told NBN channel.

“He should’ve addressed the soul of the revolution which was once present in him,” he deplored.

The Kataeb official criticized President Michel Aoun’s speech on Tuesday, noting that the latter addressed protesters in a defying and outmaneuvering manner that is inconsiderate to their distress as their cash-burning companies are closing down.

Sayegh extended his condolences to the family of martyred Alaa Abou Fakher, calling for self-restraint and caution to refrain from insulting security forces.

He hailed the prevalent civility of the Lebanese demonstrations and condemned attempts to distort its features, elaborating that the proposed Whatsapp taxes merely accelerated the uprising but it was going to erupt sooner or later.

“Some are trying to don a sectarian and party allegiances cloak on the revolution, but have failed so far given that people have showed acute awareness,” he asserted.

“We’ve seen Choueifat residents refer to the deceased Alaa Abou Fakher as Lebanon’s martyr and not as the Progressive Socialist Party supporter,” he added.

“I notify those who are so eager to get into power that they won’t obtain a thing given that the economy is heading towards collapse,” he declared.

“Exceptional steps and drastic measures must be made to avert a gloomy scenario,” he indicated.

“Political parties are responsible for bankruptcies in the country. People took to the street to haul out the prolonging governance”

He urged the formation of a rescue government that is independent from political parties and free from ministers who are influenced by their parties.

Sayegh stressed that the Lebanese army must not be used against protesters.

“These are not protest movements; this is a revolution,” he highlighted.