Hankache Renews Call for Neutral Technocratic Government

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Hankache Renews Call for Neutral Technocratic Government

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Friday lambasted proposals of a techno-political government, deeming it as a sham similar to that of a national government.

“New faces outside the political arena are needed in the incoming Cabinet,” Hankache told Al-Jadeed TV channel.

“Acrimony among authority figures has led the country to where it is today and to the mentality of shady deals,” he pointed out.

“A formation of a government of specialists is much needed. Quite a lot of Lebanese youths are adept and upright with a clean record, fitting for a technocratic government position,” Hankache retorted.

The parliamentarian called for early Parliamentary elections and a competent and decent government that meets people’s demands who are demurring at all of the former political set.

“A new political class and a Parliament must be produced because the people have withdrawn the confidence and trust from the current ruling class,” he affirmed.

Source: Kataeb.org