Sayegh Criticizes President Aoun for Conferring Consultations' Right on Bassil

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Sayegh Criticizes President Aoun for Conferring Consultations' Right on Bassil

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Thursday praised the national uprising cut off from political and foreign interferences.

“Independence is a political liberation. This independent movement is politically dynamic,” Sayegh said in an interview with Al-Jadeed TV channel.

“The unethical economic collapse and political bankruptcy set Lebanon under an international tutelage,” Sayegh criticized, noting that “CEDRE is a moral financial tutelage.”

“Our independence requires vital battles at a time of degeneration, globalization and imminent challenges,” he pointed out.

“The Lebanese people who gave the state the right to be heard have become like the wronged husband,” he noted, elaborating that this is the reason the people are calling for the ouster of a generation of politicians seen as inefficient.

“Hezbollah’s credibility is lost; henceforth we no longer count on its statements”

“Martyr Minister Pierre Gemayel and his comrade were pioneers in revolutionary movements which are unilateral,” he explained.

“Gemayel embarked on a reformative movement by going up against his family to stay in Lebanon and then inside the Kataeb party”

“A revolution can be self-destructive if it cannot transcend”

“The ball is in the President’s court now; he is responsible for holding parliamentary consultations,” Sayegh stated.

“How can you confer power to your son-in-law Gebran Bassil to carry consultations on your behalf, the one who is hiding his own agenda at the country’s expense?” Sayegh questioned in his address to President Michel Aoun.

“In the eyes of his people, President Aoun has been morally toppled and failed to find a solution to the crisis” he condemned.

The Kataeb official stressed on the need to build political trust so as to resolve the economic crisis.

“The alternative to transformation is transmigration,” he warned of inertia.

“They do not wish to appoint a Sunni Prime Minister uncapped by his denomination, therefore, they wouldn’t want to phase out Saad Hariri as a Prime Minister for another,” he indicated.

“The revolution does not terminate with the formation of a new government,” he asserted that it would only be the beginning.