Hankache Deplores Delay in Calling for Parliamentary Consultations in Wake of Fuel Shortage

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Hankache Deplores Delay in Calling for Parliamentary Consultations in Wake of Fuel Shortage

“Techno-political government is but a fabrication as some wish to cling onto their political shares,” Hankache said in an interview with MTV channel.

“Fresh face is needed to head the Cabinet, one who voices people’s demands of 45-day protests, known for his expertise, competence and integrity,” he suggested.

“I do not know what more could be done for the President to call for binding Parliamentary Consultations,” Hankache stated.

“The country is facing unprecedented serious problems and difficult reality, but the state and its officials have to hold responsibility for their actions,” he slammed.

He outlined that the anti-graft protest scored many goals in a number of strategic battles such as in the Bar association elections.

“Uprising’s demands must be respected and met by the ruling authority.”

“This protest has three main goals of which the first was only achieved, government resignation; whereas, formation of an independent government of specialists and Parliamentary Consultations were not attained to date,” he expressed.

Hankache urged officials to restore the international community and people’s trust in the government.

He denounced prominent contractor Samir Khatib’s emergence as the favorite candidate to be named prime minister, reckoning that he belongs to today’s same political class.

“Some factors have caused the disintegration of the state. No other way for people to communicate their pains,” Hankache discussed the blocked roads over fuel shortage as Lebanon faces nationwide petrol workers' strike amid economic crisis.

“The Kataeb party has held its role as an opposition force for 4 years and has rejected the political settlement while its members were being cut off, disparaged and persecuted,” Hankache stressed.

“We have paid the price for our stances, yet we were triumphant in our convictions and our path of struggle,” he asserted.

“This protest is a difficult thing to face as it is greater than all, sweeping all who wish to ride on the wave. It has reached the point of no return,” he asserted, drawing attention to the victimization of the army forces that did a great job in Bickfaya.

The Kataeb lawmaker pointed out that Tuesday’s Bickfaya incident aimed at sowing discord and sabotaging the uprising’s results.

“We’ve witnessed similar incidents in different parts of the country, from Baalbeck to Sour, Tripoli, Ring Bridge, Cheyah, reaching Bickfaya,” he indicated.

“I am thankful that their attempt to create dissention has failed since they hankered after igniting strife outside the residency of Former President Amine Gemayel in Bickfaya,” he said.

“Kataeb party had nothing to do with the convoy that roamed the streets surrounding caretaker FM Gebran Bassil's residence,” he denied allegations.

“I blame Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel for his over-the-top humility,” he stated.

Source: Kataeb.org