Gemayel Condemns Public Death Threats Targeting Dima Sadek

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Gemayel Condemns Public Death Threats Targeting Dima Sadek

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Saturday condemned Imam of Nabatieh Mahmoud Berjawi’s threats to journalist Dima Sadek in which he described her as a “criminal” and “corrupt” woman, as well as, terrorized her with public death threats and incited against her.

“Instead of suppressing honest voices and detaining peaceful young protesters, who are aspiring for a civilized country, protect our society from those publicly threatening to kill and chop body parts in disapproval of some exercising their right to freedom of opinion,” Gemayel slammed in a tweet.

“You speak of an independent judiciary? Exhibit it,” he added.

The Imam of Nabatieh, Mahmoud Berjawi, targeted former anchorwoman at LBC TV channel Dima Sadek over the video she released accusing a certain “Hajj” of robbing her smartphone while she was filming protests at the Ring Bridge.

Sheikh Berjawi’s harassment video also included insults to Sadek but lacked any evidence that rebuts her claims.