Gemayel Stresses on Need to Heed People's Demands, Holding Early Parliamentary Elections

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Gemayel Stresses on Need to Heed People's Demands, Holding Early Parliamentary Elections

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Saturday warned of the dangers of division between the state and the people, noting that protesters were demanding an end to Lebanon's political system and all the political class.

“Holding early parliamentary elections allow the people to choose their representatives in the Parliament, Cabinet, Prime Minister, President, and all constitutional centers in the Lebanese state,” Gemayel released a statement following consultations for the formation of Lebanon's next government, headed by Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab.

“In order to restore the decision-making power to the people, we must admit that the people are the decision-makers by resorting to early Parliamentary elections,” Gemayel indicated.

“The Kataeb party refuses this track; we affirm our solidarity with the revolting people on the streets and we will continue with them in their fight for real change,” he pledged

“There’s an extensive rift between a large chunk of the protesting Lebanese for 60 days and the political power which has refused to heed people’s demands, thus broadening the split between constitutional institutions and the people,” he affirmed.

Speaking on behalf of the Kataeb bloc, Gemayel cautioned that this erroneous track of partitioning and settlements will lead to further crises.

“Unfortunately, some factions are still following the same logic and imposing their opinions and stances on the Lebanese even after being faces with an uprising and their failed attempts to thwart the street protests several times,” he criticized.

“No one seems to want to let go of his political interests as everyone is concocting small authoritarian deals,” he pointed out.