Gemayel Hails October 17 as Historical Revolution

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Gemayel Hails October 17 as Historical Revolution

Former President Amine Gemayel on Tuesday described the October 17 Lebanese uprising as a “historical revolution” making it “unfeasible to turn the clock back” and hide behind protective walls.

“I believe that this paradigm shift by the Lebanese public opinion is ongoing and will be revived when the fate of the new government is set,” Gemayel told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

“An early Parliamentary election is a result, not a demand. It is the outcome of previous years’ drastic failure, corruption in files and banks’ mismanagement of the financial crisis,” he slammed.

As for the designation of Hassan Diab as new interim Prime Minister, the former President said he has serious reservations about his designation creating the impression that he is shackled by pressures and constraints he is exposed to.

“Is he ready to stand in the face of the factions that nominated him and to form a government according to his convictions and conscience and in conformity with his promises?”

Gemayel questioned Diab’s capacity to form a rescue independent free government but urged him to rise up to the challenge.

“Lebanon cannot be saved without an international financial assistance granted to a government which possesses credibility and embodies people’s aspirations,” he emphasized.