Boustani Apprises Lebanese of Further Power Outages

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Boustani Apprises Lebanese of Further Power Outages

“The power should be back to normal starting Saturday,” Boustani told Al-Jadeed TV channel.

She assured that both diesel fuel and gasoline are available, denying claims of its shortage.

"5,500,000 liters were distributed today, and it is enough for generating electricity until the end of February,” she stated, indicating that electricity will be provided between 16 and 21 hours per day in Beirut, and between 8 to 10 hours outside of the capital.

“Electricite Du Liban was not able to open credit lines for various reasons, but fuel is available and will be sufficient until the end of next month.”

However, following February, she pointed out that EDL will need credit lines, incorporated in the 2020 draft budget, in order to be able to provide electricity till the rest of the year.