Gemayel Following Visit to Abu Fakhr's Family: Our Objective Is to Ensure Better Future for Lebanese People

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Kataeb Chief Samy Gemayel on Saturday paid a visit to the family of martyr Alaa Abu Fakhr in which he presented them with a petition of gathered signatures and letters from several party supporters and comrades at the solidarity stand staged in the wake of his funeral at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“Alaa Abu Fakhr is a specimen of a Lebanese citizen who aspires to build a better country,” Gemayel told Abu Fakhr’s wife, Lara, his two children and his brother, Ihab, along with other family members.

The Kataeb leader wished that Lebanon’s future will be brighter, created on the image of the martyr, his family and children as he sacrificed his life for the country he dearly cherished.

“Our objective is for the Lebanese individual, regardless of his sect, history or affiliation, to be able to live in a safe and stable country”

“All that the party aims for is to be able to build a country together,” he said.

In his turn, Ihab Abu Fakhr hoped that more leaders would voice the Lebanese people’s resounding pains.

“As long as there are upright figures in the country, the message will persist and the people will be united as one,” he stated.