Hankache Implores Lebanese Youths to Withstand Lack of Opportunities

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Hankache Implores Lebanese Youths to Withstand Lack of Opportunities

Against the backdrop of Lebanon’s economic crises, Kataeb MP Elias Hankache argued that the struggles and hardships Lebanese youths have endured during these turbulent conditions can make them stronger and help them build a country that meets their aspirations.

During a lecture at the American University of Science and Technology, Hankache addressed students about the well-worn path for the country’s graduates as youth unemployment is high and insufficient jobs for its bulging youths is more apparent.

“I am aware of your sufferings from the deteriorating economic situation facing Lebanon. I am also aware of employment difficulties in both the public and private sectors and that some of the students are unable to cover their tuition fees, that some are getting paid half a salary,” Hankache told his audience.

“I know that some of you are taking to the streets while others are resorting to immigration”

“As someone who faced the same hardships as you are now, moved from one work to another and experienced cruel immigration ordeals, I urge you not to give up or lose hope because you are the society’s nerve,” he called on.

“Invent, create and implement, even in small ideas and sell it globally. You are the future and the country’s hope”

“Be today’s entrepreneurs and the future’s businessmen”

“Lebanon that couldn’t play a role in former industrial revolutions has the potential of taking part in the digital industrial revolution through you”

“Do not permit current conditions to be the graveyard of your dreams and ambitions,” he encouraged

“Challenge all difficulties through achieving your goals and rest assured that Lebanon will rise again,” he asserted.

Source: Kataeb.org