Hankache: Ruling Authority Should Resign If It Fears Its People

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Hankache: Ruling Authority Should Resign If It Fears Its People

“Why are we legislating an unconstitutional Parliament session? Is it acceptable that lawmakers have endorsed a state budget within three hours while the country is facing collapse?” Hankache questioned in an interview with Al-Jadeed TV channel.

“Our participation in a session that lacks any opposing ministerial presence does not change a thing,” he said, noting that deputies have to shoulder the responsibility to the people who voted for them.

“The problem with successive budgets is that numbers are far from reality. How can we carry on with the same erroneous approach that led the country to crisis?”

“Everyone voted on funding the ranks and salary scale. The Kataeb party submitted several challenges contesting it, protesting against it and warning of its results that have broken the State Treasury’s back,” he lamented.

Hankache pointed out to the urgency in restoring legitimacy to the people because the state that fears its people should leave.

“We’ve reached the worst stage in Lebanon’s modern history”

He explained that the Kataeb party urged the majority of lawmakers to resign and resort to early parliamentary elections.

“In case the Kataeb deputies were the only ones to resign then by-elections would be held and that is not our goal since change wouldn’t be achieved”

Hankache indicated that the party affiliates have participated in street protests all over Lebanon to achieve the resistance’s goal in posing pressure on the ruling authority.

“When the people blocked roads, we backed them”

“People should be given hope through deeds rather than words,” he concluded.

Source: Kataeb.org