Kataeb Party Stresses Need to Declare a State of Emergency, Says Curfew Not Enough

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Kataeb Party Stresses Need to Declare a State of Emergency, Says Curfew Not Enough

“The State must improve hospital capabilities and quarantine areas with clear conditions and standards in a bid to ease the spread of the virus,” said a statement issued following the weekly meeting of the Kataeb's politcal bureau that was held online.

“Protecting the Lebanese’ health is no different than protecting them socially and that's by helping them stay at home," the statement added.

The party praised the municipalities’ effective role in responding to all health and social requirements despite the lack of potentials, recalling those concerned to transfer all the municipalities’ entitlements to the cities’ treasury.

The political bureau called on the government to address the social crisis that is prevailing over Lebanon, saying that there are many ways that can help speed-up the country’s productivity growth.

“This can be achieved through activating a program for the poorest families, updating data, assessing needs, and securing a minimum level of income so as to avoid a wave of hunger and starvation,” the statement added.

The party also urged the Education ministry to provide the students with all the needed means so as to continue their studies, saying that they should offer them free internet service that would help them in their online courses.

The Kataeb blamed Hezbollah, the ruling authority as well as the Lebanese banks for the situation the country is going through today, calling them to stop messing with the depositors’ funds.

“How come there is yet no economic plan that would contain the crisis the Lebanese are facing daily with the banks regarding withdrawing their money and collecting their rights?” the statement added.

The party stressed the need to adopt a transparent and comprehensive reform view that would boost the country’s economy, saying that such plan will help restore the local and international confidence which remains the base for attracting the necessary aid and investments.

The political bureau condemned the vicious assassination of Antoine Hayeck, the retired officer who believed to have been an aide to Amer Fakhoury, calling for a transparent and serious investigation to ensure that perpetrators and those behind his death are brought to justice.

“Being assassinated in such way is nothing but a liquidation to the State’s concept, exposing of the bilateral understandings, disruption of the Judiciary role and stabilization to the militia logic,” the statement added.

Source: Kataeb.org