Sayegh Deems Government's Measures as Good But Not Enough

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Sayegh Deems Government's Measures as Good But Not Enough

Kataeb's Deputy-President Salim Sayegh on Friday blamed the government for not taking immediate actions when the coronavirus outbreak first started in Lebanon, saying that protective measures should have been imposed rather than dealing with the issue gradually.

“The Kataeb party has been calling for the borders’ closure since the first day a coronavirus case was reported in Lebanon because we knew about the country’s incapacity of handling such an issue,” Sayegh told Al-Markazia news agency.

Sayegh stressed that some of the political forces preferred to maintain their control on the political leadership, saying that the general mobilization requires the government to bring all parties together and work to resolve such crisis.

“It is impossible to ask the municipalities to work on solving this problem without providing them with sufficient revenues,” he said.

Sayegh warned that the escalation of the coronavirus outbreak will lead the country to more poverty and hunger, saying that the government’s new measures are good but not enough.

“Now it is not the time to score political goals,” he said.