Kataeb Party Says Governmental Commitment is Required for People to Abide by the Lockdown Measures

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Kataeb Party Says Governmental Commitment is Required for People to Abide by the Lockdown Measures

The Kataeb party on Tuesday called on the government to provide the Lebanese with their minimum demands if they want them to abide by the State’s general mobilization order, saying that a governmental commitment is required for people to stay home.

“Any plan that would oblige people to stay home requires an irreversible governmental commitment in securing the citizens’ minimum requirements,” said a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau that was held online.

The party slammed the government for disregarding the families in need and not providing them with the necessary aids, wondering about the obstacles that would prevent the transfer of funds that were approved by the Cabinet in a short period of time.

“Where are all these promises about prices control whereas all we can notice is necessary goods becoming more expensive than luxuries?” the statement asked.

The political bureau slammed the statements made by the government to the International Support group regarding the failure to finalize an economic plan, deeming it as an unacceptable deficiency of a country seeking an international support.

“The recent financial measures are nothing but an attempt to address the results of the problem and media maneuvers that will only lead to more inflation, high prices, loss of purchasing power and wastage of time that is no longer available,” it added.

The Kataeb called for addressing the core of the problem, saying that changes must be done so as to help the country overcome this financial problem.

“Serious reforms must be implemented as well as a comprehensive and integrated plan that would help win and restore both the local and international confidence,” the statement said.

The political bureau slammed the ongoing robberies and crimes carried out in light of the current situation the country is going through, calling on the security services and the Judiciary to take the strictest measures to put an end to this phenomenon.


Source: Kataeb.org