Gemayel Deems General Amnesty Law as Very Dangerous

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Gemayel Deems General Amnesty Law as Very Dangerous

Kataeb MP Nadim Gemayel on Thursday deemed the general amnesty law as very dangerous, saying that such law cannot be manipulated.

“This law protects only criminals and we would be legitimizing the “law of the jungle” in the way it is being presented," Gemayel told to Al-Joumhouria newspaper.

"Amnesties will be limited and restricted for certain people in case the decision was taken,” he said.

“The general amnesty law will be applied on people who have not been sentenced and have spent more than two years in prison which they constitute more than 40% of those arrested. It is also possible to exempt those who were sentenced and still have a little time of their verdict,” he added.

Gemayel completely refused to grant amnesty for criminals who have fought the Army and stole public money.