Gemayel Stresses Need to Adopt a Rescue Plan, Calls for Early Parliamentary Elections

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Gemayel Stresses Need to Adopt a Rescue Plan, Calls for Early Parliamentary Elections

“All the budgets adopted by the parliament and rejected by the Kataeb party from 2017 till 2020 have created a gap in the country's general budget,” Gemayel said in a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“We have been warning for four years against the delusional budgets and loans that exceed the State’s ability to bear and yet they were all adopted despite our rejection,” he added.

“These budgets are nothing but fake numbers, fake jobs, projects part of which are fictitious and unnecessary.”

“In a time where the balance of payments in Lebanon has become negative, the government has used all the depositors’ funds to finance its projects. The Lebanese people have put all of their money in the banks that have directly been given to the State by purchasing treasury bonds or by placing the money in the Banque Du Liban”, he pointed out.

The Kataeb leader stressed that all the depositors’ money have gone to finance the State’s mismanagement, saying that the Lebanese today are unable to withdraw their money as it was all spent on financing fake budgets and projects.

“All the aids granted today by the State derives from the depositors’ money,” he said.

Gemayel blamed Hezbollah for the economic situation plaguing Lebanon today, saying that as soon as the party has begun to control the country’s political decisions the economy situation has deteriorated.

“Due to that no one has risked placing his money in the country because the banks were under Hezbollah’s sanctions and censorship,” he said.

“Lebanon was isolated on both Arab and International level because of Hezbollah’s domination and its actions in the country and the region,” he added.

Gemayel said that the Banque Du Liban was aware of the State’s spending all the depositors’ funds although it was bankrupted, stressing that it kept using people’s money so as to finance the State’s deficit, corruption and waste.

The Kataeb leader stressed the need to hold early parliamentary elections as soon as possible in a bid to form a new government deriving from the Lebanese' will, saying that one that would be capable of taking drastic and fundamental decisions to help improve the country’s situation.

“The current government has shown that it has no effect on any of the country's political decisions,” he said.

“So far, no steps have been taken showing that the State is doing its job.”

The Kataeb chief said that Hezbollah must lift its guardianship off the State, stressing the need to form an independent government that deals with the international community.

“The banking sector in Lebanon must be re-immunized because the country does not exist without one with banks and officials in the BDL holding accountable, starting with the governor and all those who mismanaged during the last period,” he said.

“All these measures that some will consider as imaginary should be turned into reality to save the Lebanese people,” he added.

Gemayel praised the efforts exerted by the Lebanese medical staff and Internal Security Forces in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, hailing all those who are hepling in combatting this virus.