Kataeb Party Renews Call for Approving Law to Shorten the Parliament’s Term

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Kataeb Party Renews Call for Approving Law to Shorten the Parliament’s Term

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Tuesday renewed its call for holding early Parliamentary elections by passing a bill to shorten the current Parliament’s term, which was proposed by the party so that the people’s decision-making power is restored.

“Shortening the Parliament’s mandate is an urgent need to grant legitimacy for a new authority that would help Lebanon regain its strength,” said a statement issued by the party’s political bureau following its weekly meeting that was held online in Saifi.

The party warned against proceeding with the general amnesty law as it is presented today in the Parliament’s agenda, saying that approving such bill will make Lebanon an outlaw and bankrupted State.

“The amnesty bill in its two formulas provided today includes some fundamental flaws,” the statement said.

“First, issuing the amnesty randomly cannot be applied on all criminals without selecting the due category that can be included in the amnesty,” it added.

“The second flaw is neglecting the amnesty on those forcibly deported to Israel and guaranteeing their safe return from the prison in which they are presented to their home country, which makes the legislative authority violates the principle of equality Constitutionally cherished.”

The political bureau hailed the Lebanese who abided by the government’s lockdown measures for the past two months, thanking the Lebanese medical staff for exerting their utmost efforts in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

The party slammed the scandal of the State’s financial aid to the families who are in need that has been postponed due to some people’s manipulated regulations, stressing the importance of resuming these assistances as soon as possible so as to support the Lebanese families during this general mobilization period.

“Aids can be resumed through the “Supporting the Poorest Families” program set by the party’s Deputy-Presiden Selim Sayegh since 2010,” the statement noted.

Source: Kataeb.org