Dagher Calls on People to Strongly Take to the Street on Saturday

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Dagher Calls on People to Strongly Take to the Street on Saturday

Coordinator of political relations at the Kataeb party Serge Dagher on Friday called on people to strongly participate in Saturday’s demonstration, saying that the protest’s slogan will be mainly demanding for holding early parliamentary elections not handling Hezbollah’s weapons.

“The revolution is the revolution of all the Lebanese from different regions and sects including people belonging to parties and independents; anyone who tries to speak in its name will be harming it,” Dagher told LBCI.

“The fear of the political class, the parties and security services from the revolution has led them to throw a set of information that have been created by a group of intelligence to strike the movement tomorrow,” he said.

Dagher stressed that the authority’s plan is to postpone the parliamentary elections, calling it to leave with democratic means otherwise the revolution would turn into a hunger and a violent revolution.

“The early parliamentary elections are not the goal but the means to reach all the required reforms,” he said.

“They say it is an independent government and then parties threaten to withdraw the independent ministers from the independents government,” he added.

He also affirmed that Lebanon needs a new political class, saying that the country is indebted and should be managed by experts not by people who don’t know what the economic plan is

“The Kataeb party does not separate between all the authority’s factions but rather opposes all the parties that have participated in the presidential settlement equally,” he pointed out.

Dagher stressed that the party has been against the general amnesty law since day one, saying that every person must be held accountable for his crime.

“There are certainly many people who are oppressed but a general amnesty cannot be carried out,” he added.




Source: Kataeb.org