Hankache Says Early Parliamentary Elections Summarize All Revolutionists' Demands

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Hankache Says Early Parliamentary Elections Summarize All Revolutionists' Demands

Kataeb MP Elias Hankache on Saturday deemed today’s protest as a continuation to the October 17 revolution, saying that early parliamentary elections summarize all the revolutionists' demands to achieve the needed change.

"The Kataeb party has never been outside of the October 17 revolution, we have respected this popular uprising since day one and have strongly participated in it," Hankache told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“Today, the Kataeb have officially called for participating in the protest even though the party’s leader Samy Gemayel had invited all the party’s supporters to take part in this revolution,” he said.

“The revolutionary groups have accepted us to be a part of the revolution; this is what made us cooperate with the protesters in preparing for today's demonstration to exert more pressure on this government and go to early parliamentary elections so that a new political class would emerge,” he added.

Hankache stressed that the goal behind this uprising is to form a balanced bloc of independents, sovereigns, and people at the Lebanese aspirations’ level in the Parliament, pointing out that this uprising has produced a new conscious generation to determine its options in the elections.

“The Parliament is the basis for renewing the country’s political power as it is the sole authority to approve the electoral law, the law of restoring the stolen money as well as others,” he said.


Source: Kataeb.org