Jreij Condemns Attack on Activist Lawyer Wasef Harakeh

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Jreij Condemns Attack on Activist Lawyer Wasef Harakeh

Kataeb Party's Vice President and former President of Beirut Bar Association Georges Jreij on Saturday condemned the attack on activist lawyer Wasef al-Harakeh, saying that such incident threatens Lebanon’s nature and its main feature that is based on the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

“Authorities should arrest the assaulters as soon as possible,” he told voice of Lebanon radio station.

“We were expecting the occurrence of freedoms’ suppression at the party, thus we have called President Samy Gemayel to form a committee that would safeguard and defend the Lebanese’ freedoms,” he added.

Jreij called on the Lebanese government to resign for social, political, and other reasons, saying that it hasn’t achieved anything but failure.

“As a Kataeb party, our stance is clear in terms of the government’s resignation and bringing a neutral and a competent government,” he said.


Source: Kataeb.org