Kataeb Party Calls for Changing Current Authority, Preserving Lebanon's Neutrality

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Kataeb Party Calls for Changing Current Authority, Preserving Lebanon's Neutrality

The Kataeb Political Bureau called for changing the current authority, preserving Lebanon's neutrality and restoring its free decision.

The Kataeb Political Bureau on Tuesday called for changing the authority as a whole so that the Lebanese’ decision would be restored, deeming Lebanon’s neutrality as a guarantee to its historical position and its people’s unity.

“The only way so that the country would get out of the current crisis it is facing is to carry out a comprehensive change plan that begins with the restoration of the State’s sovereignty over its decisions and crossings, the implementation of the international decisions and the cessation of the attempt to plunge the country into the politics of axes,” said a statement issued by the party’s political bureau following its weekly meeting.

“As long as the quota system is still prevalent over the country, the attempts carried out to drift the government by suggesting reforms are nothing but a new fraud on the Lebanese people,” the statement noted.

The political bureau deemed the ongoing government’s performance as defective, calling on security forces to bear their full responsibility in exposing those involved and bring them to justice.

“The new exchange rates for the dollar against the Lebanese pound, the rise in the food prices in the supermarkets as well as the recent electricity crisis have led the Lebanese to starvation and to killing themselves so as to escape the humiliated reality,” it added.

“The government is turning the country into a Police State that does nothing except keeping people’s mouths shut and arresting activists,” the statement said.


Source: Kataeb.org