Al-Rahi Meets With Sayegh, Addresses Neutrality Principle

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Al-Rahi Meets With Sayegh, Addresses Neutrality Principle

Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi on Monday met with a Kataeb delegation headed by the party’s Deputy-President Selim Sayegh at his summer residence in the northern town of Dimane, with talks featuring high on the neutrality principle and the party’s stance regarding this issue.

“Neutrality, which lies in the Lebanese’ best interest doesn’t mean interfering with political, religious or military actions, neither regionally nor internationally,” Al-Rahi said during the meeting with the Kataeb delegation.

“It means committing to public issues, peace, human rights and the culture of dialogue and civilizations,” he added.

Al-Rahi deemed active neutrality as a great responsibility so that Lebanon would return to its former status, considering it as the source of stability and the basic of prosperity.

"We are not attacking anyone. All we seek is to live with dignity, restore our history and have a meaning in the East, Arab and the International community,” he said.

For his part, Kataeb’s Deputy-President Selim Sayegh voiced his party’s support to the neutrality principle, saying that it liberates the Lebanese authority and entity with its people from being dragged into problems that have nothing to do with it.

"The Lebanese charter is based on being not affiliated with any axis. As a Kataeb party, we have submitted a proposal for a constitutional amendment to confirm that nothing protects Lebanon except the neutrality’s stance,” he said.