Doctors, Patients Recount Apocalyptic Scenes in Beirut Hospitals

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Doctors, Patients Recount Apocalyptic Scenes in Beirut Hospitals

Nadine stood paralyzed at the entrance of St. George Hospital in Beirut Tuesday night, carrying her bleeding friend, as hundreds of badly wounded patients received triage on the floor and in the parking lot.

The hospital and others across Beirut witnessed apocalyptic scenes Tuesday evening following a catastrophic explosion at the capital’s port that caused destruction even beyond the outskirts of the city. Many hospitals were severely damaged, compromising necessary infrastructure and equipment to treat patients in critical condition. Over 100 have been reported dead so far, over 4,000 injured and over 100 are still missing in the ruins of the city.

Doctors stumbled out of emergency rooms at St. George Hospital, many also wounded, their scrubs covered in blood. Red Cross ambulances lined up in the parking lot to evacuate patients after the hospital was too damaged by the blast to treat them. Hospital staff frantically hurried traffic along the road in order to allow for patients to be evacuated.

“They told us to turn back, they said there was no more room,” Nadine, 27, told The Daily Star. “I have never been so terrified in my life.”

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Source: The Daily Star