Gemayel Calls for Forming an Independent Government, Holding Early Parliamentary Elections

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Gemayel Calls for Forming an Independent Government, Holding Early Parliamentary Elections

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday stressed the need to form an independent government that would restore people’s confidence, reiterating call for holding early parliamentary elections.

“We seek a new Lebanon and a real change. This would be achieved through forming an independent government that would carry out reforms and rebuild Beirut,” Gemayel told Al-Jazeera channel.

“The parliamentary elections do not exclude anyone; everyone has the right to participate. The Lebanese themselves should decide who will represent them and who will not,” he said.

“The Lebanese' public opinion today is different from what it was in 2018,” he added.

Gemayel accused Hezbollah of holding Lebanon as a hostage, saying that people are paying the price through its economy, stability and security.

“Hezbollah doesn’t want to give up power. Its only aim is to put its grip on the country and the conspiring system which only cares about its political interests,” he said.

The Kataeb leader deemed the verdict issued by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon over the 2005 murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri as expected, saying that there is no conviction of legal persons in the international court system but rather normal persons.

“The ruling, as issued, confirms the credibility of this court and at the same time reveals who is the real perpetrator,” he pointed out.

“The verdict was very clear, and it doesn’t need any explanation,” he noted.

Gemayel voiced his lack of confidence in any internal probe that would investigate in the massive blast that has rocked the Beirut port two weeks ago, calling for an international investigation.

“A political decision is behind the port explosion, neither an employee nor an administrative mistake,” he said.