Gemayel Hands His Notes to Macron; Blames Authority, Hezbollah for Country's Collapse

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Gemayel Hands His Notes to Macron; Blames Authority, Hezbollah for Country's Collapse

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel handed his notes on the French initiative to France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

Lebanon has been living in the shadow of a system that has not only led to an unprecedented collapse and an economic explosion, but it has also proved its incapability, inefficiency and insignificance towards the Lebanese people and their sufferings.

As an active opposition force, standing in the face of this regime and its components run by Hezbollah, which has been rejected by the Lebanese people relentlessly on more than one occasion, we believe that it is mandatory not to provide any kind of a salvation to this system that would allow it to strengthen its unity and force the Lebanese people to submit to it.

It is regrettable to let this system to continually oppress the country, using the sufferings of the Lebanese people. The friendship that binds France to our country and our people is not supposed to turn into a means to be exploit by the authority’s parties that have failed with everything they have done to renew the legitimacy of their twisted system at the Lebanese’ expense.

• The approach of Hezbollah's role cannot be limited by being a local Lebanese party without taking into consideration its weapons, its regional role and the regional capabilities it has.

• The partnership with Hezbollah was built on the principle of its weapons’ recognition in exchange for the positions’ distribution on the presidential settlement’s parties.

• Any progress in resolving this problem in a final way must be observed in removing the legitimacy on Hezbollah’s arms by the constitutional institutions.

The form of the government

• The selection of the ministers is based on their independence from any political parties which is considered as an essential matter.

• The competence and the experience constitute the criteria for the selection.

• Any government’s formation based on sharing quotas according to the presidential settlement constitutes a continuance of the system that has led to the collapse and to the arms’ legitimization by the highest constitutional bodies.

• Any government’s formation that does not put an end to the system of dividing quotas and clientelism would be contributing in prolonging the crisis.

The government’s mission

• The suggestions presented here start from the assumption that the shape of the next government does not resemble to the previous ones and that the issue of Hezbollah’s illegal weapons has been addressed.


• Precautionary measures should be taken without paralyzing the economy.

• To allow access to treatments.

• To launch an awareness campaign that combines between the media and the civil society.

• To coordinate with the hospital’s institutions to receive patients and to conduct an effective diagnose to the disease.

• To prepare to reopen schools in a way that adapts with the current situation.

Economy and Finance

• To organize consultations with associations and unions.

• To negotiate with creditors and the Central Bank to distribute the losses.

• To finalize the plan with the International Monetary Fund.

• Immediate procedures:

1. Capital Control
2. To encourage the funds’ recovery while avoiding any coercive process that might affect the depositors’ trust.
3. To give guarantees and support to the economists so as to restore the economy’s activity and reduce unemployment.
4. To create a social card before lifting any support
5. To check the Central Bank’s accounts and the main contracts concluded during the past ten years.

• The government assumes a coordinating and supportive role for the non-governmental organizations.

• To put all available resources at these organizations’ disposal.

• To facilitate the link between foreign aid and the NGOs.

• To assign independent auditors for NGOs.

• To establish a compensation fund under the supervision of a foreign organization.


• To provide a weekly briefing on the results of investigations.

• To demonstrate the studies and the analyzes provided by the foreign experts.

• To transfer technical investigations to international investigators.

Major projects

• To halt the work at both Salaata plant and the Bisri dam.

• To amend the tenders’ procedures

• To provide urgent offers for electricity and the port, in cooperation if possible, with the World Bank and the international organizations.