Kataeb Party Calls for Changing the Current System as a Whole

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Kataeb Party Calls for Changing the Current System as a Whole

The Kataeb party lambasted the current system for not taking any serious responsibility regarding the Beirut port blast, calling for changing the current system as a whole.

The Lebanese Kataeb party on Tuesday slammed the current authority for its failure in handling the country’s main issues, namely the recent Beirut port blast, called for changing the system as a whole.

“The investigations lately conducted into the Beirut port explosion is considered as a disregard for the Lebanese’ minds,” read a statement issued by the party following their weekly meeting held online.

“Until now, the Lebanese people haven’t received any response regarding what really happened on that day, the identity of the ship’s owner who carried the explosive materials is still unknown and yet, none of the officials has taken any responsibility,” the statement added.

“We demand holding a professional, transparent and international probe into the Beirut blast,” it said.

The Kataeb party voiced fear from the consequences of the Central Bank’s decision concerning lifting the support over some food, hospital and fuel supplies, calling for a clear plan to support the Lebanese’ needs without resorting to the mandatory reserves.

The party praised all those who stood up in the face of the Bisri dam project following the World Bank’s decision to withholds all its funds, deeming this step as one towards the right direction.

“Let what happened be a lesson to all officials so they realize what the consequences will be if they have ever decided to work on projects that would be toxic for the environment,” the statement noted.


Source: Kataeb.org