Hakim Calls for Forming an Independent Government, Deems Voting as Only Solution

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Hakim Calls for Forming an Independent Government, Deems Voting as Only Solution

Former Economy Minister Alain Hakim on Thursday slammed the administrative, political and social performance adopted by the authority in forming a new government, deeming voting as key to the Lebanese people’s salvation.

“The Lebanese citizen has enough awareness to determine the voting option and to give his confidence to people who are trustworthy in terms of managing the State politically, economically and socially,” Hakim told Radio Orient.

Hakim called to forming an independent government that would be completely separated from the current system, affirming that they are with the change in the Lebanese society, namely the change in the administrative pattern adopted by the authority.

“The new government’s goals should be focusing on rebuilding Beirut port, conducting an international probe into the blast, holding early parliamentary elections and helping Lebanon overcome the economic and social crisis it is experiencing today,” he said.

The former minister deemed the French initiative launched by France’s President Emmanuel Macron as a fraternal initiative, saying that there is no closer than France to help Lebanon in light of the authority’s inability to reach any of the reform goals proposed by the international community.

“A lot has happened since the October 17 revolution until today, but the result is one,” he pointed out.

“We have noticed nothing but an increase in the immigration of the Lebanese abroad and that’s all due to this authority’s failure and powerlessness,” he added.


Source: Kataeb.org