Tawile Calls for Finding a Way to Properly Manage the State's Reserve

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Tawile Calls for Finding a Way to Properly Manage the State's Reserve

Head of the Kataeb's Economic and Social Council Jean Tawile on Monday called for building a new system that is based on a productive economy, stressing the need to find a way to properly manage the State’s reserve.

“The ration card is the only way that could be possibly adopted on the short term,” Tawile told Voice of Lebanon radio station, affirming that it must be distributed on the poorest families.

“We must have an independent government and a homogeneous work team, and the government should take responsibility for its decisions and have the will to carry out all reforms,” he said.

“We must rely on the productive economy through foreign investments in the country, exporting our products and taking advantage of several factors through which, we can compete,” he added.

Tawile deemed agreement as the sustainable solution, saying that the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund on a reform program would help introducing foreign currency liquidity to control the exchange rate and prices.

“The goal of supporting food commodities should be aimed at protecting the poorest citizens which have been a victim of this failed authority for so long,” he said.

“Fixing the exchange rate means supporting all goods, not only for the Lebanese but to also control the smuggling operations taking place to the neighboring countries.

"Three weeks ago, the Central Bank’s governor affirmed that there are still two billion dollars in support which is enough for three months and there is a need to take immediate measures," he said.

"It is impossible to carry on with the support because there are no longer any foreign currency reserves,” he added.

The Head of the Kataeb's Economic and Social Council called on the Lebanese people to rise against the current status quo, saying that there is no longer confidence in this authority.



Source: Kataeb.org