Achkar Affirms Kataeb Party Will Not Retreat from Revolution

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Achkar Affirms Kataeb Party Will Not Retreat from Revolution

Head of the Kataeb's Students and Youth Department, Zakhia Achkar on Saturday stressed that the revolution will remain ongoing despite everything the political class has done to thwart it.

“Do not give up. This revolution that broke all sectarian and regional barriers was able to bring all the Lebanese together and managed to take over a government after only 12 days of the peaceful protests,” Achkar told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“Before October 17, this ruling authority has never expected from the Lebanese people to rise. The same Lebanese people who have revolted against injustice, oppression and took bold decisions,” he said.

Achkar affirmed that they will not retreat from the revolution no matter what, deeming the authority as being weaker than ever.

“What is required today is that we have confidence in ourselves,” he noted.

“We have two choices; whether we remain in our homes and do nothing or we take forcefully to the streets now that the authority is weaker than before,” he added.

Achkar hailed the party’s resignation from the Parliament following the massive Beirut Port explosion, blaming the political class for its negligence and failure in taking any of the needed measures regarding this issue.

“We have presented an elegant model of the opposition in the Parliament but now it is time for the street to make a change,” he stressed.

“Although you have traveled abroad to seek new opportunities but you will be back and Lebanon will rise again,” he said addressing Lebanese expats.