Gemayel Calls for Forming a New Parliament, Says Lebanon Needs to Move to a Modern, Developed System

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Gemayel Calls for Forming a New Parliament, Says Lebanon Needs to Move to a Modern, Developed System

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Wednesday called for holding early parliamentary elections so as to restore the decision to the Lebanese people, saying that the best place for change would be the institutions.

“Lebanon is going through an unusual situation. We are in a country that is kidnapped by an armed militia; a militia that controls the Lebanese decision,” Gemayel said in an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“Although we are an opposition force and we are completely outside the current ruling system, we had to resign from the Parliament and take a bold stance,” he added.

Gemayel slammed the authority’s total failure and negligence in handling the Beirut Port investigation, saying that the biggest evidence of the system’s loss of humanity and conscience is that no memorial for the victims of the blast has been etsablished so far.

“Investigating Judge Fadi Sawan is exerting his utmost efforts in the investigation but I ask him to withdraw if he won't be able to pursue with the probe until the end,” he said.

“The Lebanese people should be informed of everything that happens in the investigations at least once a week,” he noted.

The Kataeb leader voiced regret over the economic and financial situation that is prevailing over the country today, deeming it as a process of impoverishment and displacement of the Lebanese people.

“The authority did not carry out any public haircut and does nothing except stealing people’s money,” he said.

“Practically, the Lebanese people’s money have been used by the current ruling authority for political, electoral and patronage purposes,” he pointed out,

“A true criminal investigation must affect the Central Bank, the State' accounts, contracts and tenders,” he said.

Gemayel stressed that Lebanon is being held as a hostage, saying that what is required today is that people take responsibility and face this corrupted system with all the means available.

“There are binding international resolutions, such as 1559 Resolution which was adopted unanimously, prohibiting weapons outside the framework of legitimacy,” he noted, deeming arms as an international affair, not just a local one.

“The United Nations must assume its responsibility towards Lebanon and protect its decisions by asking Iran to stop financing and arming,” he added.

The Kataeb leader stressed that every person bears the responsibility of his performance, words, actions and alliances, saying that only FPM Gebran Bassil is responsible for the U.S. sanctions that have been imposed on him.

Gemayel stressed that people needs to move to a modern and developed system while preserving matters and introducing other components with a new template and a new Parliament.

“The civil State is one thing while the political sectarianism is a totally different matter,” he noted.

“We are with the consecration of a full civil State. The only deficiency we have is the issue of personal status that affects the civil state,” he added.

The Kataeb leader stressed that there is an armed religious militia that is still clinging to its religious project by possessing weapons and intimidating the Lebanese people, deeming the army institution as the sole guarantee for all the Lebanese.

“But a strong army without a strong State will not do its true role,” he said.

“The decentralization does not require changing the constitution, unlike federalism, which is rejected by a large part of the Lebanese,” he affirmed.

Gemayel affirmed that coronavirus pandemic is only related to people’s awareness, saying that there are some random measures imposed by the government that are ineffective.

“The decision to close schools is not a conscious decision. It is not permissible for the whole country to be open while the schools remain closed,” he pointed out.

Gemayel affirmed that the revolution will not and will never be kidnapped, saying people will truly express their opinions in the ballot boxes.