Dagher Says Lebanese State Is Ruled by Armed Militia and Corrupted Mafia

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Dagher Says Lebanese State Is Ruled by Armed Militia and Corrupted Mafia

General Secretary of the Kataeb party Serge Dagher on Tuesday affirmed that the Lebanese State is ruled by an armed militia and a corrupted mafia, stressing the need to exert utmost efforts so as to build a national cross-sectarian opposition that can offer an alternative to this authority.

“No change can be achieved in this country except with holding parliamentary elections, changing the ruling authority as a whole as well as the mafia and militia that are been prevailing over the country for the past period,” Dagher said in an interview with New TV channel, affirming that the Kataeb party has separated itself from this ruling political class 5 years ago.

“There is no communication with the others political parties. We consider all settlement parties to be an equal part of them. They have all agreed on electing Michel Aoun as president, have voted on the State’s budget and approved the election law,” he added.

Dagher stressed that only the Lebanese have the right to decide their own future and who should be back to the Parliament, saying that the sects’ leaders will never be able to make the needed change.

“If the Lebanese wants to the elect the same six factions that are prevailing over the authority today, that means he deserves what he has currently reached,” he said.

“On the other hand, there is an opposition that is considering the decentralization as an essential matter and that the Judiciary should be independent,” he noted.

Dagher revealed the work on building a national opposition that may include between 10 to 20 teams, including some resigned representatives and groups that already exist in the revolution and have the ability to propose programs.

“We have set up a joint program and mechanisms. The is a serious work undergoing aimed at presenting a cross-sectarian national opposition from all regions and an alternative scene to this authority that can lead us to build a decentralized, pluralistic country," he pointed out.

The General Seceretary blamed ruling authority for mishandling the Beirut port blast file, saying that none of the Lebanese officials have taken to the streets and supported the people.

“French President Emmanuel Macron has visited the Gemmayze and the people whose homes have been shattered while Aoun visited the Beirut port,” he said, stressing the Lebanese ‘refusal for this political class.


Source: Kataeb.org